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Landlords Belleview

Landlords Belleview will believably be one of Europe's most spectacular buildings with respect to both it's architecture and it's location. Landlords Belleview is a country mansion in Tudor style placed on a mountaintop with panoramic views on all sides. To be allowed to plan a building of this character on a mountaintop site of this nature must be quite unique in Europe today.

It will truly be the only one of it's kind. This is what makes Landlords Belleview so special.

Apart from being unique with panoramic views on all sides, will buying a dwelling here certainly be a good investment for the future.

The underlying factors behind the projects realisation are a combination of a landowner's vision and tenacity, a skilful architect and a local authority who, being inspired by the idea, wished to contribute by giving the go ahead for something very special in their local community.

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The Manor in the Sky” is intended both as a place for recreation and for people who wish to live there for longer periods and even for the whole year round. Landlords Belleview will be built mostly of timber from different kinds of trees. The building will be enhanced by quality, harmony and beauty and with it's traditional Norwegian turf roof will glide perfectly into it's spectacular surroundings.

On request will the architect be on hand to give a more detailed description of the building's architecture, construction, materials and the background for these.

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All water to the house will be natural springwater pumped up from underground sources within the mountain.

Regulatable waterborne underfloor heating will be installed throughout the building.
The energy source for this being a combination of a groundbased heat exchange system coupled with gas from the north sea. Environmentally friendly technology will be used wherever possible.

All flats will be equipped with electric fireplaces to reduce the danger of fire.

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The following facilities will be available in the Manor:

  • Caretaker service.
  • Swimming pool with panoramic views.
  • Squash courts, bowling, training room and spa.
  • Indoor parking.
  • Exclusive restaurant with food delivery to flats.

Landlords Belleview has a limited number of flats and in order to preserve it's exclusiveness the building will not be subject to further expansion.
Flats will vary in size from the smallest at about 48 m2 with 2 bedrooms up to luxury flats at 150 m2 and over with usable loft space.

For those wanting something larger it will be possible to purchase two or more adjacent flats.

It will also be possible to create one's own personal interior within the constraints of the flat's four walls. Such an arrangement can be agreed on with the architect subject to an additional price.

To further preserve the building's exclusive character flat's will only be sold for self occupancy.

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Picture 9

Landlords Belleview lies within driving distance from the following airports all of which have car rental facilities:

  • Molde - approx. 2 hrs.
  • Kristiansund - approx. 1.5 hrs.
  • Trondheim - approx. 2 hrs.

All of these airports are are just a short flight away from Oslo airport – Gardermoen.

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The landowner has established an area for week-end and holiday retreats at the foot of the mountain:  Skeisnebba hytteområde

In addition to that an area of about 100 hectares within the local area master plan has been approved for the future establishment of a Golf & Country Club to be started as soon as Landlords Belleview is completed.

Prospective buyers should contact the estate agent for further details about prices and contractural arrangements.

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The people behind “The Manor in the Sky”.

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Olav Sæter



Ian Petch



Office phone: